Follow Up: Charlie Bravo’s 12-15-2012

We had an awesome show at Charlie Bravo’s last Saturday in Putnam, CT!! My most awesome girlfriend, Mellisa Honeybee, took some amazing photos of the night. Check out Full-Blooded Mutt’s image gallery here. It was a great show and we had an awesome time. We sure love playing Charlie Bravo’s! It would have been a perfect night, save for my truck’s alternator seizing and shredding my serpentine belt!

Yeah, at the end of the night at about 12:30AM, I went out to start my truck. As soon as I turned the key it made a really weird noise, then started to smell like something had burnt. Immediately after the battery light came on. I was a little worried, but I left the truck running with the heat on. While my sleepy girlfriend sat and got warm, I loaded up the truck. Then I went to leave. As soon as I pulled out my parking spot, I notice my steering wheel was about fifty pounds tougher to turn. I managed to get to another spot in the parking lot.

We examined the truck and Dylan saw that the serpentine belt was broken. I was kicking myself for not having a spare belt in my truck. At the time I didn’t know, but it wouldn’t have made a lick of difference. Thank God, Dylan had AAA Gold. They cover one hundred miles free for a tow. I have AAA standard which covers three miles free then it’s like $3 a mile or something. That would have ended up being an expensive trip, driving back fifty miles. The late trip home put as back about forty-five minutes, all in all we were lucky.  If that belt broke on the highway, it could have been a lot worse. Oh, and the tow truck driver was a riot. We had gone on ahead of him. We were talking about the truck when all of a sudden, he flies by us on the highway. We all started laughing our asses off!

The next day, my brother, Scott, brought me to CAP to get a new belt. It was pretty easy to put on, after I looped it through the fan sheathing twice. I started the car, walked to the engine, saw the belt wasn’t spinning and ran back to the key to turn my truck off. WTF! Ruh roh, I should have checked to see if all the pulleys were free before I attached the belt -whoops! My bad! So, I slackened the belt again -real easy on a Ford F-150- and checked all the pulleys. When I went to hand turn the alternator it wouldn’t budge. I used a hammer to free it up, re-hooked the belt and tried it again. Same deal, there was no spinning.

At that point it was obvious, the alternator was seizing. It was most likely a broken bearing in the alternator. So, thanks to my brother -who was also fixing his breaks in the driveway. I got another ride, this time to Autozone. The alternator set me back about $120. The core charge was about $40, but I had already removed the old alternator and brought it with me. Once I got back, it was pretty easy to slip the new alternator in. I like F-150s. There’s a lot of room in there to work, when you need to.

Saturday, December 15, 2012 – Full-Blooded Mutt, Meliorate, Our Burgundy at Charlie Bravo’s in Putnam, CT

Full-Blooded Mutt has three shows coming up. We have two this weekend (9/29 and 9/30), and one more on Saturday, December 15, 2012 at our favorite Connecticut club, Charlie Bravo’s. Click here for a Google map and click here for the Facebook Event Page for info on our show in Connecticut. We hope you can make it to some of our up and coming and events. Here’s some more show info for our December show in Putnam:

Saturday, December 15, 2012
Charlie Bravos
9 Grove Street
Putnam, CT 06260





5.00 COVER
21+ SHOW

Shows: 8/25 -Putnam, CT; 9/22 – Fallout Festival 2012; 9/29 – Methuen, MA; 9/30 – Somerville

Shows announced at! Check it out, next up we’re playing Charlie Bravo’s in Putnam, Connecticut. This will be our first show in Connecticut -that’s the reason why I jumped on this show. Two more states and we will have covered all of New England, ya’ll! After Connecticut, we will be playing Arty Walch’s Fallout Festival 2012 in Shrewsburry, MA. The Fallout Festival 2012 is on Saturday, September 22, 2012; starting at noon. Check out Arty’s new web site, run by yours truly, online [ ]. Also, check out that event page, people! One hundred and fifty two people clicked going to the Fallout Festival 2012! This show is going to rock! So far here is the line-up: Love and Opium, Full-Blooded Mutt, Speak, The Slobbies, 3sk, Ferris, Jon KrazyAce, Sheez Late. Oh, yeah -it’s on!

After the Fallout Festival, we will be playing in Methuen on the following Saturday. Paul’s Pub is a great location to have a show. We’ve played there a bunch of times now, and hope to keep playing there. Make sure you check out this venue. Finally, finishing up this this mini-tour, we will be back in Somerville for the first time in a few years. We will be playing PA’s lounge for the first time ever, and I’m eagerly looking forward to it. I hope you get a chance to check out Full-Blooded Mutt at some of our next dates. Thank you.