Live at Club Bohemia 05-25-2013 Now Posted on Youtube

Full-Blooded Mutt Live at Club Bohemia 05-25-2013 Now Posted on Youtube -well, most of it. This is the playlist that contains the video: . Our friend Frank filmed the show and has posted some of the videos on his Youtube. Please check them out. I will add them to this playlist as they get posted. Rock it! Woof!

2013 by Full-Blooded Mutt – Full Album – YouTube

2013 by Full-Blooded Mutt – Full Album – YouTube. Here is 2013 by Full-Blooded Mutt in it’s entirety on Youtube. Enjoy!



  1. Lady Justice
  2. Tesla Free Energy
  3. War is Coming
  4. The Price Is All We Pay
  5. Mushroom Man
  6. Stations
  7. Luna’s Sunrise
  8. Days at Time
  9. L-Boogie
  10. Under the Spell
  11. Nothing Again
  12. Ocupado
  13. Fox and the Crow
  14. 2010

“War Is Coming” Music Video by Full-Blooded Mutt

This just in, or out…or rather posted! Here is the new Full-Blooded Mutt video for the song “War s Coming” from the new demo titled, 2013. Enjoy it over at right now! Take it! This video was taken last Saturday, with a little help from our friends! If you’re having trouble with the video stream you can always download it with an Online Video Converter. Rock on!

1,824 Hits! – “Sweet Siren” Video by Full-Blooded Mutt on Youtube

1,824 hits on Youtube for our video “Sweet Siren” has sure been encouraging! Thank you to all who clicked and watched. Though I like the video effects and “quick frame” snapshots, I think I could make a better attempt at Videography now-a-days. I’ve been wanting to reproduce all the Full-Blooded Mutt videos to the “2.0” version, though with all these hits on this video I’ll be hard pressed to leave it posted.